Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas Celebrations

The Family of Peacock Baptist celebrated the birth of our Saviour November 29th all day. After our morning Sunday School and worship service, we shared a meal together. Then we all decorated the building, inside and out. We climbed ladders and precariously straddled the stair case in order to hang the garland and glittery Christmas wishes inside and the guys got to play with their hammers, drills, and other tools as they constructed the Nativity scene outside. The outside air was cold but we were all warmed with fellowship and laughter. Then... the Chinese Christmas Exchange. This is always fun. We bring things we'd like to receive ourselves and then scheme and conive, trying to take home the ones that caught our fancy. Finally, we eat again. We had another great day.

The joint Stonewall County Christmas Celebration was December 13th at Peacock Baptist Church. Shiloh presented a tremendous Christmas concert after our pastors read the Christmas account from Luke. The building was packed. We hope to have Shiloh back any time we can get them. They lead us in worship of our Lord and He is glorified in our hearts as we listen and participate in the beautiful music. We enjoyed delicious treats brought by the ladies after the service.

Please go to the Picasa Web Album page to see pictures of both of these events.

(Brian scraped his head on the low hanging air duct and had a napkin on the wound. This helps you understand the sympathizing men in the picture who are wearing napkins on their heads...)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Peacock Family Weekend

Peacock was a busy place last weekend. Saturday night, FBC hosted The Gloryland Boys for a night of gospel singing followed by a sandwich fellowship. Our annual outdoor service and meal was Sunday morning, a cool fall day. We had an abbreviated Sunday School class before the worship service. George brought his guitar to accompany our congregational worship, led by Joe, and for his special. Brian preached from several books, finishing in John 17. God's Word is always so good. Bill and Billy Kirk cooked lots and lots of steaks and our ladies prepared all the side dishes for a meal that couldn't be topped in any restaurant in Texas. Now that's just the truth. We were thankful for the Word, the food, and all our guests. We took the remaining food to the kitchen at our building and had another meal together Sunday evening following the next special service, the second Peacock Family Theatre. We watched Escape From Hell. It is a very good movie with a happy ending for most of the characters and a bleak ending for others, a result of clear choices made. Scenes from the movie are being played out every day in real life. That is why we are here, to be used by God building His kingdom, proving in one way or the other that His Word is true, that He love us all, and He is in control. Few pictures were made but can be seen at the Picasa site. (Click on the Picasa Web Albums at the top of the right column and then click on the Peacock Family Weekend Album and then Slideshow.)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Busy Day

Our congregation was busy and blessed Sunday, June 27th. We worshipped at our usual time Sunday morning in our sanctuary which is decorated for celebrating the season of Independence Day. Our message addressed the state of our union. Brian sang a medley of patriotic songs and then we said the pledge to the flag. Some of us enjoyed a wonderful lunch together. We had the service at the Rest Home mid afternoon where Brian spoke of the sacrifices of the founding fathers of our country after we all sang to the Lord together. Next, some of us practiced for the evening service.

Several had the job of decorating the transportation of their choice for the Parade. We gathered at the parking lot of FBC and traveled across the highway and then south toward Central Baptist Church. The Ministerial Alliance sponsors our Fourth of July Celebration every year, a joint worship service featuring patriotic music and a call to remember our origins. This year we celebrated the truth of "who" America is. We start with the parade, which consists of American citizens and their decorated vehicles. We always have lawn mowers, golf carts, cars, pickups, horses, bikes, floats, etc. We meet in one of the sanctuaries for the praise and worship service. Then, we enjoy the dishes folks bring and alllllll the watermelon we can eat.

How blessed we are to be the benefactors of so many sacrifices in years past. We were humbled as we recounted the tales of commitment and loss suffered by the men and women who founded this country. We are brought to our knees before a merciful God who desires to plant in our hearts the same vision for liberty and freedom our forefathers received. May our commitment to truth be as deep and real as theirs.

Enjoy a few pictures from the day.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Peacock Family Theatre

Last night, we had our first Peacock Family Theatre. We enjoyed hot dogs and desserts downstairs before the presentation. I forgot to take any pictures of the meal but it was good and lots of fun. We had a very good turn-out, though we were hoping we could interest some of the folks who haven't been a part of our church to come fellowship with us. We will continue to pray they will have a desire to join us. We watched the movie Evan Almighty which teaches good values on our priorities. God tells Evan Baxter to build an ark and he obeys this seemingly ridiculous instruction. One of the statements God makes is, "What I do, I do because I love you." I don't know if the writer and producer realize there is truth in the message of the movie. It isn't a perfect sermon but it was good for our first Theatre Night. If you haven't seen it, you might want to rent it for your own theatre night.

It is such an honor and blessing for Brian and me to be at Peacock where the folks are so genuine, generous toward God's work, and love God's Word. How we hope and pray that God will bring people to worship with us. We want to be used to love His creation and bring His Word to the hearts of people who won't want to leave this earth without it.

Here are a couple of pictures I took as people began to come upstairs for the movie.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rebekah Mullen

Sunday, April 19, 2009 was a day of celebrating the baptism of Rebekah Mullen. She accepted the Lord earlier and a host of family and friends rejoiced with her when she was baptized in our Sunday morning worship service. Here are a couple of pictures.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wendell and Diane are back!!

We were tremendously blessed to have Wendell and Diane in our worship services Sunday, February 8th. They came home on Monday after being in the hospital since Christmas Eve. Wendell is getting stronger every day. We praise God who has demonstrated His great love and power by restoring Wendell's health and reuniting our Church family. I didn't get pictures of everyone Sunday, but here are a few pictures from the morning.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ordination of Jason Rupp

Jason Rupp was ordained to the ministry Sunday afternoon, January 25th, 2009. Jason has been the Pastor of Swenson Baptist Church for a year and is a student at Logsdon School of Theology, Abilene, Texas. Those attending the ceremony heard Jason's testimony to the work of the Lord in his life. Jason gave himself completely to the Lord while in the Air Force and he hopes to return as a Chaplain. After hearing Jason's testimony and their time of questions, the council recommended Jason's ordination and the Church voted in agreement. Dr. Heflin of Hardin Simmons' Logsdon School of Theology was the moderator and Dr. Omer Hancock brought the ordination sermon. The service was followed with food and fellowship. Enjoy pictures of the ceremony and fellowship.